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 Whats The Circles Edge, Inc.TM?

The Circles Edge, Inc. is a small, self-funded, humanitarian non-profit about acceptance, identity, self worth, and diversity.  Our mission is to foster acceptance of self and tolerance of others in a fun, educational, and memorable way.   We offer meetings, socials, and educational events as a way for people (in particular those who feel left out) to get involved and belong to something with no niche attached.   Our meetings and activities offer a way to foster the belonging aspect of our mission.  Log onto and see what's in store!

Under The Circle's Edge, Inc.™ we host The Alvin T. Smith Foundation and The Young Entrepreneurs Program from the Wealth Institute.  Log onto for more info.   If you are interested in volunteering or interning with The Circle's Edge, Inc.™, please fill out the application and fax, mail, or e-mail it along with your resume and the Professional Letter of Recommendation to our office. 

The Learning Institute is a small entrepreneurship organization that hosts various business and financial workshops in the DC area.    They established The Young Entrepreneur Program which is a free business and entrepreneur program for youth ages 15 to 22. They meet monthly across from Andrews Air Force Base. They help build the students character, morals, and integrity, as they teach financial literacy and entrepreneur skills.    These are excellent classes on the same level as Robert Kiyasaki.   They devote personalized attention and coaching to each student.  Because this youth program a completely free, they hold various fund raisers, programs, and trips to help raise money for this program. They recently did a trip to Wall St. in NY which cost $100 for the public but was absolutely for the youth!  They also did a Inspirational Fashion Show to raise money for this program.  

Log onto for more information and some exciting pictures from Wall Street, their Awards Fashion Show, and more.


Whats The Alvin T. Smith Foundation?


The Alvin T. Smith Foundation consists of a Historical Collection and a Memorial Fund offering a way to donate and help this cause.  The Alvin T. Smith Historical Collection consists of articles, essays, props and artwork, pictures, and much more.  Alvin T. Smith, an honored member of the U.S. Air Force, a faithful member of the American Legion, and a friendly, open-minded, caring person,  had a desire for research, knowledge, and the search for truth.  This is a lifetime of research and work on all aspects of historical information. His research crossed the gamut of the spectrum. From Africa to the Americas. From ancient languages to the modern day pronunciation of American English. From religion and society/government  to art and music. Log onto  for more info. 


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